With a mix of design, development, marketing, social media, project management and client services, the unique background I have built has been crafted out of passion, dedication and determination.


Digital Marketing


Metrics & Analytics


Graphic Design


With 15 years of experience in design, development, client relations and marketing, I have held positions in the entertainment, telecom, financial and entrepreneurial sectors. This experience, combined with my passion for what I do, brings creativity, professionalism, and strategic thinking to all that I do. I have extensive experience working in small company environments, larger corporate environments, and working efficiently from home for international and global brands. I am extremely well-versed in marketing acumen and business strategy while integrating my natural design and client relations background.

I provide a seasoned marketing and sales perspective and am a team player in all that I contribute to.  I am an innovative thinker and always aspire to be two steps ahead.  In addition to my past qualifications, I also contribute:

  • Experience in the SaaS environment
  • An entrepreneurial personality and attitude as a previous small business owner of seven years
  • Energetic and motivational personality 
  • Strong ability for 'number crunching' and integrating new process to bring a more ROI to a business
  • Extensive experience in client relations, marketing, brand identity, operational standards, and project management, including marketing, events, and product launch calendars; and
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills